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       wrapmgt  - wraps long lines in Smart-Go files to make them safe to post
       or email


       wrapmgt [nn]


       Wrapmgt formats Smart-Go files as generated by mgt so  that  the  lines
       are  shorter  than  nn,  the number specified on the command line.  The
       default format width is 79 characters.  Wrapmgt reads  its  input  from
       stdin  and writes to stdout.  This means you should invoke it using I/O
       redirection which is done under unix and DOS with wrapmgt  <  infile  >

       The  files  are formatted in such a way that if the files are viewed in
       mgt after being formatted, they will look the  same  as  the  original.
       The new line breaks will be visible from within the editor, however.


       Adrian Mariano (

                               23 November 1992