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       warzone2100 - 3D real time strategy game


       warzone2100 [OPTION]...  [ARGS]...


       This manual page documents briefly the warzone2100 commands.

       warzone2100 is a 3D science fiction real time strategy game.


              Run in cheat mode.

       --datadir DIR
              Set default datadir to DIR.

       --debug FLAGS
              Show debug for FLAGS.

       --debugfile FILE
              Log debug output in FILE.

              Play in fullscreen mode.

       --help Show help and exit.

       --mod MOD
              Enable global mod MOD.

       --mod_ca MOD
              Enable campaign only mod MOD.

       --mod_mp MOD
              Enable multiplay only mod MOD.

       --savegame NAME
              Load a saved game NAME.

              Play in windowed mode.

              Output version info and exit.

       --resolution WIDTHxHEIGHT
              Run  at WIDTH times HEIGHT screen resolution. This needs to be a
              resolution supported by your X server.

              Toggle the shadows.

              Toggle the sound.

       The fullscreen/window, resolution,  sound,  and  shadows  settings  are
       stored,  so  they  only  need to be specified once, or when you want to
       change them.


       warzone2100 --fullscreen --resolution 800x600
              Run in full screen at 800x600 screen resolution.

       warzone2100 --window --resolution 800x600
              Run in a window at 800x600 screen resolution.

              Run using the parameters specified last time.


       See the copyright file included in the package.

       This manual page was written by Linas Zvirblis  <>  for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).