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       val-and-rick - shooter game


       Val  and  Rick  is probably the precursor to Gunroar, featuring similar
       controls  but  in  a  different  environment.  Only  2D   sprites   and
       backgrounds  are  used in what seems like a tribute to Xevious and Star


       These options are available:

       -brightness n
              Set the brightness of the screen.(n = 0 - 100, default = 100)

       -luminous n
              Set the luminous intensity.(n = 0 - 100, default = 50)

              Stop the sound.

              Launch the game in a window.

              Launch the game in fullscreen.

       -res width height
              Sets the resolution of the screen in pixels.





       Press the Z key to shoot and hold down the X key to fix  the  direction
       of your aim.

       A  power-up  icon in the shape of a tiny ship named Rick will appear if
       you collect enough blue orbs from defeated enemies, which is  indicated
       at  the bottom left of the screen. This will cause your ship to go into
       hyperdrive, that is until all energy is spent or your spacecraft  takes
       damage from enemy bullets. Each successful hyperdrive attempt increases
       the counter by another hundred.

       The X key can also be used to drop bombs on grounded objects. Tap the P
       key  to  pause.  The  closer your ship is to the top of the screen, the
       faster it scrolls.


       This game has been written by Kenta Cho <>

                                                                 Val & Rick(6)