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       uqm - Ur-Quan Masters


       uqm [options]


       The  Ur-Quan  Masters is a 2D inter-galatic adventure game.  You return
       to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an ancient
       race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies from
       a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes,  and
       save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan!


       Valid command line options:

       -h, --help
              Display a help message.

       -r, --res resolution
              Sets  the  screen  resolution.  Unless --opengl is set, the only
              valid values are 640x480 and 320x240.

       -f, --fullscreen
              Uses full screen mode.  Pretty straightforward.  Usually good to
              combine with -r 320x240.

       -o, --opengl
              Use  OpenGL drivers.  This produces higher-quality graphics, and
              may be faster as well -- but it  also  may  not  work  on  older

       -c, --scale=mode
              Graphics  scaling  mode  (linear,  biadapt, biadv, triscan, hq).
              Default is none.  Try these to get smoother graphics  with  cost
              on performance.

       -b, --meleezoom=mode
              Melee  scaling  mode (step, aka pc, or smooth, aka 3do). Default
              is 3do.  Slower machine owners can set  it  to  nearest  to  get
              better performance in melee but degraded visual quality.

       -s, --scanlines
              Simulates interlaced displays.

       -p, --fps
              Print fps information in the status window.

       -g, --gamma value
              Sets  gamma  correction.  1.0  causes  no  change  (unless  your
              graphics card is originally set to a  different  value).  Higher
              than  1.0  makes  the  image  brighter,  lower than 1.0 makes it

       -C. --configdir directory
              Set the directory where the game  will  seek  its  configuration

       -n, --contentdir directory
              Set the directory where the game will seek its data.

       -M, --musicvol volume
              Set music volume (0-100).

       -S, --sfxvol volume
              Set sound effects volume (0-100).

       -T, --speechvol volume
              Set speech volume (0-100). If set to 0, game runs in ’no speech’
              mode and oscilloscope reacts to the music.

       -q, --audioquality high | medium | low
              Specifies how nice the  audio  sounds.  Slower  machines  should
              lower the audio quality.

       -u, --nosubtitles
              Disables subtitles.

       -l, --logfile file
              Sends console output to a logfile.

       --addon addon
              Replace  addon  by  the name of an add-on to enable in the game.
              May be specified multiple times.

       --sound openal | mixsdl | none
              Specifies which driver/mixer to use. Default is mixsdl.   openal
              is only available when it has been  compiled in.  It may produce
              higher-quality sound and will probably be faster, but it is  not
              very  stable on linux platforms, and may not work well with some
              sound cards.  Use "none" as a last  resort  if  you  cannot  get
              other drivers to work, or if you have no soundcard.

              Enables  positional sound effects in melee. Currently works only
              when using openal.

       --nethostN hostname
              Server to connect to for player N (1=bottom, 2=top)

       --netportN port
              port to connect to/listen on for player N (1=bottom, 2=top)  The
              default port is 21837.

       --netdelay frames
              Number of frames to buffer/delay network input for.

       -m, --music 3do | pc
              Controls  use  of the 3DO remixed soundtrack for songs that were
              in fact remixed.  3DO is the default.

       -i, --intro 3do | pc
              Controls the intro/ending version. 3DO is the default.

       --cscan pc | 3do
              Use  either  PC  (text)  or  3DO   (pictograms)   style   planet
              information when scanning.  The default is PC.

       --menu pc | 3do
              Use either PC style (text and ’CREW’/’BATT’) or 3DO (pictograms)
              in melee.  The default is PC.

       --font pc | 3do
              Use either PC or 3DO style fonts and colors. The default is  PC.

       --shield pc | 3do
              Use  either  PC  style  (static)  or 3DO style (throbbing) slave
              shield. The default is PC.

       --scroll pc | 3do
              Scroll voice-over/subtitles 1 page  at  a  time  (PC  style)  or
              smoothly  (3DO  style)  when  using  left/right  arrow keys. The
              default is PC.


       The Ur-Quan Masters was derived from code written by Toys for Bob, Inc.
       for  the  3DO  version  of ’Star Control II’, with their permission and
       encouragement.  See /usr/share/doc/uqm/AUTHORS.gz for a  complete  list
       of authors.

                                  2004-03-07                UR-QUAN MASTERS(6)