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     trophy - A 2D car racing action game.




     trophy is a single-player racing game for Linux. Even though the goal is
     basically to finish the laps as the first, trophy is an action game which
     offers much more than just a race. Lots of extras enable "unusual"
     features for races such as shooting, putting mines and many others.


     E, Arrow Up

     D, Arrow Down
             Decelerate. Don’t use.

     N, Arrow Left
             Steer to the left.

     M, Arrow Right
             Steer to the right.

     A       Turbo. Boosts speed while pressed (as long as there still is
             turbo fuel left).  Use it to overtake other cars or catch up if
             you’ve fallen behind.

     C       Drop bomb. Bombs will explode after a second. Use it to damage
             other cars.

     X       Shoot. Fires your machinegun straight ahead. Make sure you are
             pointed towards another car.

     Space   Horn. Useless but fun anyway.

     Q, Escape
             Stop race, go back to previous menu or quit game.


             List of game data files and parameters.

             Directory containing graphics, sounds, tracks and cars used by
             the game.


     trophy has been written by Andrew Mustun <>.

     This manual page was written by Guus Sliepen <>
     for the Debian GNU/Linux system.