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       Spout - abstract pixel shooter


       spout [options]


       Spout  is  a  small  cave-flying  arcade  game in black and white.  The
       player has to navigate a spaceship upwards through a series  of  caves,
       avoiding  the  walls  and  the  window borders, and getting through the
       checkpoints before the limited time runs out.

       The engine exhaust’s plume can (and must) be used as a flamethrower for
       eroding  the  cave  walls  in order to make passages for the ship to go

       At the title screen, hit spacebar to begin playing. Your goal is to get
       as high as you possibly can, without crashing or your time running out.


       Spout is played with the keyboard:
        - left and right arrow keys: turn the ship around
        - z, x, spacebar, or enter key: thrust/fire
        - escape key: pause
        - shift-escape: exit

        - Keep going up, up, up!
        - Get through the next barrier before time runs out!
        - Use the exhaust plume to make way!


       A summary of options is included below.

       f      Fullscreen mode.

       1      Very small window mode.

       2      Default size window mode.

       7      Very big window mode.


       Spout               Homepage               (in               Japanese):
       <>.   Spout  page  at  the Linux
       Game Tome: <>.


       Spout was written for Windows by Kuni <> and ported
       to  the  Gnu/Debian  system  by  Miriam Ruiz <> and
       Javier Candeira <>.  This manual  page  was  written
       for Debian by Javier Candeira <>.