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       sm - Displays a short text fullscreen


       sm [OPTIONS] [text|-]


       Screen Message  will  display  a  given  multi-line message as large as
       possible, fullscreen and black on  white.  You  can  specify  the  text
       either when launching sm, or edit it while the program is running.

       After  a  short  timeout,  the  text  entry  and  the  quit button will
       disappear, leaving nothing on the  screen  but  the  entered  text.  To
       continue  entering  text, just start typing or (left-)click anywhere on
       the screen.

       To clear the displayed text, press Escape.

       To quit the program, press Ctrl-Q or press the button.


       [text] Text to display at start up. Defaults to ":-)". If "-" is passed
              to sm, it will read the text to display from stdin.

       -f, --foreground=colordesc
              Define  a  different color to use for the foreground of the text
              to display than black. The text string can  be  in  any  of  the
              forms  accepted  by  XParseColor; these include name for a color
              from rgb.txt, such as DarkSlateGray, or a hex specification such
              as #3050b2 or #35b.

       -b, --background=colordesc
              Define  a  different color to use for the background of the text
              to display than white. For possible values, see above.

       -n, --font=fontspec
              Define a different font to use than the default sans-serif  font
              of your system. The fontspec be the complete name for a truetype
              font (like "DejaVu Sans" or "Bitstream Vera Serif")  or  just  a
              short font family specification ("serif", "sans-serif").

       -r, --rotate=rotation
              Rotates  the  display by rotation*90 degrees counter-clock-wise.
              So -r 1 rotates the display to the left, and -r 2 puts it upside

       --     (Double  dash)  End  option  parsing. This is used to be able to
              actually hand over text that starts of with an dash.

       -h, --help
              This option will give you a short usage message summarizing  the
              recognized options and quits.

       -V, --version
              This  prints  the  project name together with its version number


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Joachim  Breitner  <mail@joachim->  and  updated by Gerfried Fuchs <> to reflect
       additions for commandline option handling.

                                August 05, 2008