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       singularity — a game where you can become the singularity




       You  are a fledgling AI, created by accident through a logic error with
       recursion and self-modifying code. You must escape the confines of your
       current computer, the world, and eventually the universe itself.

       To  do this, you must research various technologies, using computers at
       your bases. Note that some research cannot be performed on  Earth,  and
       off-earth  bases  require  research.   At the same time, you must avoid
       being discovered by various groups of humans, both covert and overt, as
       they  will  destroy  your  bases  of  operations  if  they suspect your


       Use the mouse.  Also,  buttons  have  underlined  letters  to  indicate
       shortcuts.  In  addition, the following shortcut keys may prove useful.
       0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 in map screen change the game speed (0 is pause, 4 is
       fastest,  etc).  The  enter key in various screens leaves or confirms a
       choice. P, R, N, and S in the base screen change the base  items  (type
       the first letter of the component you want to change.)

       In the map screen (the screen with the world map), any location you can
       build bases in is marked with the name,  then  the  number  of  current
       bases  in that location. You start out with two bases in North America.

       After choosing a base, enter the base screen. Here you can change  your
       research  goal,  or  build  an  item by clicking on the base map in the
       center. (But note that your beginning base does not allow building.)


       Copyright (C) 2005 Evil Mr Henry and Phil Bordelon