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     sillypoker - silly Poker, the poker game.


     sillypoker [-h] [--help] [-v] [--version]


     silly Poker is a poker game. It has a text interface and alternately a
     curses one.

     It supports five card draw, five card stud, and seven card stud poker.


     silly Poker uses the configuration file ~/.sillypokerrc.  It supports the
     following options. Each line must be in the format ‘option = value’.

           players       the number of players (2-5)

           account       the starting amount in each player’s account

           drawbetcap    the betting cap in draw poker

           studbetcap    the betting cap in stud poker

           color         1 to enable curses color, 0 to disable it (only if
                         compiled with ncurses support)

           cardaspic     1 to enable "pictures" of cards instead of text

           interface     which interface to default to (text, curses)


     silly Poker utilizes the HOME environment variable.


           ~/.sillypokerrc                   user configuration file

           ~/.sillypokerstats                user statistics data file


     Kevin Radloff 〈kmradlof@colby.edu