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       rlvm - RealLive interpreter clone


       rlvm  <path to directory containing a Gameexe.ini file>


       rlvm  is  a  Free  Software  reimplementation  of  the VisualArt’s KK’s
       RealLive interpreter. It is meant to provide Linux and Apple users with
       a   compatible,   portable   interpreter   to  play  VisualArts  games,
       specifically those released by Key.


       Currently, rlvm can run the following games:

       · Kanon

       · Kanon (With NDT’s English patch)

       · AIR

       · The original CLANNAD

       · CLANNAD Full Voice Edition

       · CLANNAD Full Voice Edition (With Baka-Tsuki’s English patch)

       · Planetarian

       In addition, there is partial support for:

       · Tomoyo After

       · Princess Bride

       · Princess Brave

       · ALMA ~zutto soba ni~

       · Some of the game demos from the Kinetic Novel website.

       Little Busters does not work at all.


              All rlvm save files are kept in this directory.


       While rlvm is generally  stable,  emulation  of  the  RealLive  virtual
       machine is incomplete.


       English patches that were not compiled with rlBabel will not line break
       correctly. You can check if your patch is compiled with rlBabel and the
       text encoding is set to "Western" by hitting [F1] at any time.


       rlvm  was written by Elliot Glaysher, with the help of Haeleth. Special
       thanks to Jagarl for licensing all his RealLive file reading code under
       liberal  licenses,  and  for doing the first reverse engineering of the
       RealLive system. Windows port and bug fixes made  possible  by  Rasqual

       This manual page was written by Elliot Glaysher <>.

                               November 07, 2009