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       pong2 - OpenGL version the arcade classic Pong


       pong2 [options]


       This  manual page documents briefly the command line parameters for the
       game pong2

       pong2 is an up till now two player (networked)  game  inspired  by  the
       classical  "Pong"  from  Amiga,  which  adds  another  dimension to the
       playing field. Crazy graphics, fast gameplay, great fun ;)


       -n set your name (default: Hans)

       -c connect to already running server (default: act as server)

       -p set alternative udp networking port (default: 6642)

       -w set x resolution in pixels (default: 1024)

       -h set y resolution in pixels (default: 768)

       -b set individual bitsperpixel (default: 32)

       -f operate in fullscreen mode (default: windowed, toggle withfkey)

              See the README for more information.


       pong2 was written by Johannes Jordan <>

       This manual page was written by Reinhard Tartler <>

                               Februar  8, 2005