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       pennmush - The PennMUSH mush server


       This  manual  page  documents briefly the pennmush mush server.  It was
       written for the Debian distribution because the original  program  does
       not have a manual page.

       This  is  the  PennMUSH  flavor  of  mud servers of the MUSH branch. It
       provides a number of flexible features to enable players to extend  the
       virtual  world.   This  is  done by building new rooms and objects, and
       utilizing its internal programming language, MUSHcode.

       PennMUSH provides flexible compatibility with the MUSHcode features  of
       many  of  the other common MUSH flavors, as well as its own approach to


       Maintainer: Javelin

       Developers: Talek [TAP], Raevnos [SW], Ervin Hearn III [EEH]

       Porters: Nick Gammon [NJG] (win32), Dan Williams [DW]  (MacOS),  Sylvia

       Former devteam: Rhyanna [RLM], Trivian [TN], Halatir [LdW]

       The  original  TinyMUSH 1.0 code was written by Lawrence Foard, and was
       based upon James Aspnes’ TinyMUD server. Since then, the code has  been
       modified  by  the programmers of MicroMUSE (then MicroMUSH), and Joseph
       Traub (Moonchilde of PernMUSH).  From January  1992  to  January  1995,
       Lydia Leong (Amberyl of PernMUSH / Polgara of Belgariad) maintained the
       code currently known as PennMUSH 1.50.   From  January  1995  on,  Alan
       Schwartz  (Paul  of  DuneMUSH / Javelin elsewhere) has been maintaining
       this code, along with a development team.

       Big thanks to the developers of TinyMUSH 2.0, 2.2 [2.2], 3.0 [3], Mux2,
       and Rhost [Rhost] servers, as well as to the players of Belgariad MUSH,
       DuneMUSH, and M*U*S*H, and everyone else using this server!


       This manual page was written by Ervin Hearn III  <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


              The primary PennMUSH server webpage.
              The community page for PennMUSH users.
              Javelin’s Guide for PennMUSH Gods.
              The PennMUSH FAQ-o-matic, an interactive FAQ.
              The MUSH101 Schoolhouse.
              Amberyl’s MUSH Manual, outdated but still useful.

                              September 11, 2003