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       pathological - A puzzle game involving paths and marbles


       pathological [ -h | --help ] [ -cb ] [ -f ] [ -s ] [ -q ] [ highscores-
       file ]


       Pathological is an enriched clone of  the  game  "Logical"  by  Rainbow
       Arts.   To  solve  a level, fill each wheel with four balls of matching
       color.  Various board elements such as teleporters, switches,  filters,
       etc.,  make  the  game  interesting and challenging.  New levels can be
       created using your favorite text editor.  For more information, see the


       -h | --help
              Show a brief command line options summary.

       -cb    Enable special graphics for color-blind people.

       -f     Start  game  in  full-screen mode.  This is especially useful on
              certain systems (eg, Windows) where  Pygame’s  toggle-fullscreen
              feature doesn’t work.

       -s     Enable  screen-capture  mode.   In  this mode, the "Game Paused"
              dialog doesn’t appear when the game is paused.

       -q     Begin with sound disabled.


       Pathological was written by John-Paul Gignac <>  with  the
       help of several contributors.  See the README file for details.