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       orbit - space combat simulation




       Orbit  is  a  space  combat  game  with  realistic  physics  and planet


       ESC, q Leave the game.

       arrow keys, joystick, mouse
              Change the direction your ship is facing.

       fire button, tab, left mouse button
              Fire your current weapon.

       a      Accelerate in the direction you are facing.

       z      Decelerate.

       A      Accelerate very quickly.

       Z      Decelerate very quickly.

       space  Complete stop.


       insert Pitch left.

       delete Pitch right.

       b      Redisplay breifing.

       c      Toggles a console in the corner of the screen.

       e      Toggles sound effects.

       f      Toggles flight model between Newtonian model and the Arcade game

       F      Tooggles  display  of current frame rate in lower-left corner of

       g      Toggles gravity. If  gravity  is  on,  planets  and  moons  will
              influence your ship’s movement.

       i      Toggles invulnerability. When you are invulnerable you cannot be
              destroyed, but your shields can still be damaged.

       j      Toggles display of space junk.

       l      Selects lock type. The targeting mechanism can  target  enemies,
              friendlies, and planets.

       L      Loads one of the recently played missions.

       m      Redisplays the last message (of if one is visible, clears it)

       M      Toggles mouse control.

       n      Toggles object name display.

       p      Pause  game.   ctrl-P  Pause game without displaying "Paused" on

       P      Takes a snapshot  of  the  screen.  The  snapshot  is  saved  in
              ~/.orbit/, as a .ppm file.

       q      Quit the game, saving your current status.

       Q      Quit the game without saving.

       r      Toggles the display of rings.

       s      Changes how many stars are shown. There are three levels.

       t      Toggles the use of the joystick throttle.

       u      Locks  weapons  system  onto  the nearest object of the selected

       w      Selects the next weapon.

       x      Toggles planetary texture display.

       y      Changes to the next visible target.

       Y      Changes to the previous visible target.

       1 ,2 ,3 ,4
              Switch between weapons.

       ]      Next waypoint.

       [      Previous waypoint.

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       This man page was written by Joey Hess <>