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       omega - a hack-style game with quests.


       omega [save file]


       omega  is  a  complex  rogue-style game of dungeon exploration.  Unlike
       other such games, there are a number of ways  to  "win",  depending  on
       various  actions  taken  during play. The ways you can get your name on
       the hiscore board include becoming the highest ranked head of a  guild,
       sect,  college,  etc.,  as well as gaining the most points figured from
       possessions and experience. The game (via the oracle) may  impose  some
       structure  on  your  exploration,  but  you  need not follow all of the
       oracle’s advice. There *is* a "total winner" status, by the way.

       If the save file is not specified, omega gives the player the choice of
       generating  a  random  character,  or playing themselves, doing a short
       quiz to determine an approximation of their  abilities.   If  the  save
       file  is  given,  omega will restore that save file, and if successful,
       the save file is  deleted.   Note  that  some  installations  of  omega
       compress  the  save file, using either compress(1) or gzip(1) - if this
       is the case, and you have a save file that is uncompressed (such  files
       are  generated  by  omega  if  it  receives  a  signal during play, for
       example), you can compress it (with compress(1) or gzip(1)) and  remove
       the  .Z  or  .gz extension.  Alternatively, you may simply run with the
       uncompressed save file - this will not affect the game in any way,  but
       takes more disk space between games.

       omega  offers  a  richness  of playing detail that goes beyond a simple
       game like rogue. However, the majority of gameplay is very  similar  to
       rogue,  hack,  ultrarogue,  larn,  and  other such games. The player is
       represented by the highlighted "@" symbol, objects and terrain features
       are  represented by non-alphabetic symbols, monsters are represented by
       the various  upper  and  lower  case  letters,  and  other  humans  are
       represented by a non-highlighted "@".

       omega  currently  consists  of a countryside in which are sited a city,
       various villages, several dungeons, and some "special" sites,  such  as
       the  temples of the various priesthoods. The game starts in the city of
       Rampart, where all the  guilds  have  headquarters.  As  a  dungeon  is
       explored,  all  generated levels are saved in memory. However, only one
       dungeon is "remembered" at a time, so if you enter  two  dungeons,  the
       first  will  be  forgotten  (it  will be regenerated should you wish to
       enter it again). However, if a dungeon is "completed", this  fact  will
       be  remembered, basically meaning that the unique monster at the bottom
       will not be regenerated if you’ve killed it already.


       compress(1), gzip(1), nethack(6)


              Laurence Brothers