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       netris - networked version of tetris


       netris [-wFDSCHR] [-c host] [-p port] [-k keys] [-i sec] [-r robot] [-s


       The object of the game Tetris is to fit  the  shapes  together  forming
       complete  rows, which then vanish.  When the shapes fill up to the top,
       the game ends.  This version of Tetris  can  be  played  against  other
       people over a network.


       -w     Wait for connection from another host running netris.

       -c  host
              Initiate connection to waiting netris running on host.

       -p  port
              Set the port number to use for connecting to netris, the default
              port is 9284.

       -k  keys
              Remap keys, the argument is a prefix of  the  string  containing
              the  keys  in  order:  left,  rotate,  right, drop, down-faster,
              toggle-spying, pause, faster, redraw and new game. Use  the  "^"
              character  to  prefixes  controls.   The  default is to use "jkl

       -i  sec
              Set the step-down interval, in seconds.

       -r  robot
              Execute robot (a  command)  as  a  robot  controlling  the  game
              instead of the keyboard.

       -F     Use fair robot interface.

       -s  seed
              Start with given random seed.

       -D     Drops  go  into  drop  mode, this means that sliding off a cliff
              after a drop causes another drop automatically.

       -S     Disable inverse/bold/color for slow terminals.

       -C     Disable color.

       -H     Show distribution and warranty information.

       -R     Show the rules of the game.


   Two player mode
       It's just like normal Tetris except that when you clear more  than  one
       row  with a single piece, the other player's board is moved up and junk
       rows are added to the bottom.  If you clear 2, 3 or 4 rows, 1, 2  or  4
       junk  rows  are added to your opponent's board, respectively.  The junk
       rows have exactly one empty column.  For each group of junk rows given,
       the empty columns will line up.  This is intentional.

       The longest surviving player wins the game.

   One player mode
       This  mode  is currently very boring, because there's no scoring and it
       never gets any faster.  This will be rectified at some point.  I'm  not
       very  motivated  to  do  it  right  now  because I'm sick of one player
       Tetris.  For now, use the "f" key (by default)  to  make  the  game  go
       faster.  Speed-ups cannot be reversed for the remainder of the game.


       Netris was written by Mark H. Weaver <>.

       This  manual  page was written by Edward Betts <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).