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       moon-buggy - drive some car across the moon


       moon-buggy [-hnsV] [--help] [--no-title] [--show-scores] [--version]


       Moon-buggy  is  a  simple character graphics game, where you drive some
       kind of  car  across  the  moon´s  surface.   Unfortunately  there  are
       dangerous craters there.  Fortunately your car can jump over them!


       The program understands the following command line options.

       -h, --help
              shows a short usage message.

       -m, --mesg
              disable  write  access  to your terminal by other users, so your
              boss can´t disturb your game play with the help  of  "write"  or

       -n, --no-title
              skips the title screen.

       -s, --show-scores
              shows the current highscore list and exits.

       -V, --version
              prints the program´s version to standard output and exits.


       The  moon-buggy  is controlled by a couple of keys, which are described
       near the bottom of the screen.  Most important are the following  keys.

       SPC, j makes  your car jump.  The length of a jump is fixed and you can
              only start a new jump, while the  wheels  have  contact  to  the

       a, l   fires  the  mining  laser.   The laser is used to remove stones,
              which may block your way.

       q      quits the game prematurely.  But you still keep your  score  and
              may enter the highscore list.


       The following files on your system are related to moon-buggy.

              the moon-buggy executable.

              the global score file

              the  local score file.  This is used, if moon-buggy has no write
              access to the global score file.


       Moon-buggy Usage and Maintenance by Jochen Voss.


       Copyright © 2004  Jochen Voss

       Moon-buggy is free software.  Read the file COPYING of the source  code
       distribution for details or press ´c´ at moon-buggy´s title screen.


       The    program    moon-buggy    was    implemented   by   Jochen   Voss