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       LuxCheck - Tool to check LuxMan level files.


       luxchk [ -l num ] [ -v ] file


       luxchk  is  the tool used to verify the ‘correctness’ of a LuxMan level
       file.  If you edit either the level file or the maze bitmap you  should
       definately run luxchk before running the game with the new files.

       If you do not run luxchk and there is an error in one of the files, you
       will get a runtime error and LuxMan will abruptly  exit.   Some  errors
       are  difficult  to  reproduce  in  the  game, and may seem to happen at
       random times. LuxCheck will spot these and notify you of the problem.


       -l num, --level num
              Test only level num. The default is to check all  levels  found.
              This  option may be useful if you are trying to fix a particular
              level and you want to save time by not checking all of the other

       -v, --verbose
              Turn verbose message reporting on. This may be useful if you are
              trying to determine where  luxchk  is  searching  for  its  data

       -h, --help
              Show a summary of command line options.


       luxchk   expects   to  find  level  files  in  the  current  directory.
       Additionally, it expects to see the following subdirectories underneath
       the current directory:

       /maps /mazes

       This is where it will look for bitmaps (images) and mazes, repectively.


       Please report any bugs to




       Copyright (c) 1995 Frank McIngvale (

       This manpage may be freely distributed in any form.