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       lgc-pg - LGeneral Converter for Panzer General


       lgc-pg  -s  <PG  DATA  DIR>  -d  <LGENERAL DIR> [--defpal] [--custom -n
       <NAME> [-i <ID>] [-t <TACICONS>]]"


       This manual page documents briefly the lgc-pg command. It  was  written
       for  the  Debian distribution and is based on an original documentation
       written by Michael Speck. The original program does not have  a  manual

       lgc-pg  is  a  program  that  converts  data files from DOS-based game,
       Panzer General, to the LGeneral format.


       These programs follow the usual GNU  command  line  syntax,  with  long
       options  starting  with  two  dashes  (‘-’).   A  summary of options is
       included below.

       -s <SOURCE PATH>
              You always need to specify the source directory (which  contains
              the original data or a custom scenario).

       -d <LGENERAL DIR>
              Also the destination path that contains the LGeneral data struct
              is required. This will usually be /usr/share/games/lgeneral.

              This one is optional and forces  all  PG  graphics  to  use  the
              default  palette.  Usually  you  won’t need this but if a custom
              scenario you converted offers some strange graphics it might  be
              due  to  a  corrupted  palette  and  the default one may provide
              better results.

              Add this option if you want to convert a custom scenario. If you
              do so you must also provide the next option:

       -n <NAME>
              This is the scenario’s file name and default title.

       -i <ID>
              This is the XXX in the source gameXXX.scn. If you do not specify
              this option it defaults to 0.

       -t <TACICONS>
              If  custom  tactical  icons  are  involved  (scenario  offers  a
              TACICONS.SHP)  this  is  the name of the graphical file. If this
              option is not provided it defaults to <NAME>.bmp.

       Note that the conversion of a  single  scenario  might  be  incomplete.
       You’ll   have  to  modify  the  title,  description,  authors,  victory
       conditions (default: attacker  must  capture  all  victory  hexes)  and
       reinforcements  (default:  none).   This single scenario file does also
       include the map and modified units.


       1) Converts all data from CD-ROM
       > lgc-pg -s /mnt/windows/DAT -d /usr/share/games/lgeneral
       2) Converts a custom scenario
       > lgc-pg -s  /home/michael/newstuff/dunk  -d  /usr/share/games/lgeneral
       --custom -n Dunkirk -i 44


       Lars  Ekman  discovered that you’ll have to mount the cdrom with option
       ’check=r’ so if you’re distro uses another option as default and  ’lgc-
       pg’ doesn’t work just try:
         > mount -o check=r /mnt/cdrom

       NOTE:  I  read  various  notes  in the iNet that this format explicitly
       requires Panzer General _DOS_ version so  I  guess  the  Win32  version
       won’t work.

       If  anything  works fine the converted data is immediately available on
       start of LGeneral. If not, one of us has made a mistake.  Please  blame
       the right person ;)




       This  manual  page  was written by Lukasz Jachowicz <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others). It is based on  the
       README file available with the LGC-PG.

                                April  8, 2003