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       ktuberling - Potato game for kids


       ktuberling [Qt-options] [KDE-options]


       ktuberling  is a game intended for small children. Of course, it may be
       suitable for adults who have remained young at heart.

       It is a potato editor. That means you can drag and drop  eyes,  mouths,
       mustache, and other parts of face and goodies onto a potato-like guy.

       There  is  no  winner  for  the  game.  The only purpose is to make the
       funniest faces you can.

       There is a museum (like a ``Madame Tusseau''  gallery)  where  you  can
       find many funny examples of decorated potatoes. Of course, you can send
       your   own    creations    to    the    programmer,    Eric    Bischoff
       (,  who  will  include them in the museum if he gets
       some spare time.


       --help Show help about options.

              Show Qt specific options.

              Show KDE specific options.

              Show all options.

              Show author information.

       -v, --version
              Show version information.

              Show license information.

       --     End of options.


       --display <displayname>
              Use the X-server display `displayname'.

       --session <sessionId>
              Restore the application for the given `sessionId'.

       --cmap Causes the application to install a  private  color  map  on  an
              8-bit display.

       --ncols <count>
              Limits  the  number  of colors allocated in the color cube on an
              8-bit   display,   if   the    application    is    using    the
              QApplication::ManyColor color specification.

              Tells Qt to never grab the mouse or the keyboard.

              Running  under  a  debugger  can  cause an implicit -nograb, use
              -dograb to override.

       --sync Switches to synchronous mode for debugging.

       --fn, --font <fontname>
              Defines the application font.

       --bg, --background <color>
              Sets the default background color  and  an  application  palette
              (light and dark shades are calculated).

       --fg, --foreground <color>
              Sets the default foreground color.

       --btn, --button <color>
              Sets the default button color.

       --name <name>
              Sets the application name.

       --title <title>
              Sets the application title (caption).

       --visual TrueColor
              Forces  the  application  to  use a TrueColor visual on an 8-bit

       --inputstyle <inputstyle>
              Sets XIM (X Input  Method)  input  style.  Possible  values  are
              onthespot, overthespot, offthespot and root.

       --im <XIM server>
              Set XIM server.

              Disable XIM.

              Mirrors the whole layout of widgets.


       --caption <caption>
              Use `caption' as name in the titlebar.

       --icon <icon>
              Use `icon' as the application icon.

       --config <filename>
              Use alternative configuration file.

              Disable crash handler, to get core dumps.

              Waits for a WM_NET compatible windowmanager.

       --style <style>
              Sets the application GUI style.

       --geometry <geometry>
              Sets the client geometry of the main widget.


       More  detailed  user  documentation  is available from help:/ktuberling
       (either  enter  this  URL   into   konqueror,   or   run   `khelpcenter