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       KQ - an adventure game




       KQ  is  an  adventure  game  in the spirit of old console games such as
       Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy or Zelda.

       You control an adventurer,  to  be  chosen  amongst  eight  differently
       skilled  characters  (a  warrior,  a  priest,  a thief, etc.), across a
       journey to find the magical Staff of Xenarum. Some  subquests  will  be
       available to you as well.

       You  can  find money in several places, but mostly by fighting monsters
       outside of towns. You  can  then  spend  this  money  in  towns  buying
       equipment,  weaponry,  medicine,  magical  items, spells and many more.
       Towns are also a common place to gather information or restore  health.

       You  will  be  able  to  save  your game, but only outside of towns and
       caves, or in special areas known as "save spots".


       Left, Right, Up, Down
              move the player

       Left Alt
              the "Action" and "OK" button; can be used to activate items  and
              validate menu options

       Left Ctrl
              the "Cancel" button; used to escape from the current menu

       Enter  bring up the character menu to use items, choose equipment, cast
              spells or see your players’ characteristics

       Esc    bring up the load/save/configure menu


       KQ was originally written by Josh Bolduc <>, and was
       continued  by  people  from  the  Allegro  community, mostly Peter Hull
       <>,                    TeamTerradactyl
       <>       and      Chris      Barry

       This manual page was written by  Sam  Hocevar  <>,  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                28 January 2006