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       komi - A simple game for one player.


       komi [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the komi game.


       Using  the  left and right arrow keys you may guide Komi the space frog
       from left to right across the bottom of the screen.   Left-handers  can
       use  Q  and  W.   Use  the  space  bar to extend Komi’s long tongue and
       capture the floating orange prizes, whilst avoiding the predators.


       The following command line options are supported:

       --delay <x>
              Wait for x milliseconds between frames, so lower is faster.

              Use a faster drawing method. Forces starfield to be off.

              Run the game in fullscreen mode, rather than in a window of  its

              Disable all sound effects.

              Disable  the starfield simulation in the background of the game.

              Reset preferences file (which includes the high score).

              Show the terms under which komi may be copied.

       --help Display the command line options.

              Show the version number of komi


       The game has a website where you can find updates and source code.  See
       the following URL for details:



       This  manual  page  was written by Steve Kemp <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).  komi  was  written  by
       Allan Crossman <>.

                                 June 20, 2004