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       jester - an X-based game similar to Othello(tm)


       jester  [{-display,  -d,  --display}  display]  [{-h,  -help,  --help}]
       [-2players] [-ai {white, black}]


       jester is an X-based game similar to the board  game  Othello.   jester
       allows  you  to  waste hours of otherwise productive time that could be
       spent playing Solitaire instead.


       There are two players, one playing the white pieces, the other  playing
       the  black  pieces.   Each player takes turns placing a piece of his or
       her color on an 8x8 board.  Each piece must be placed so as to  bracket
       a  line  of  the  opponent’s pieces between two of the current player’s
       pieces.  When this happens,  the  opponent’s  pieces  are  replaced  by
       pieces of the current player’s color.

       When  the  cursor  is  over  a  square that it is legal for the current
       player to play in, the cursor will change to a pointing hand.  A  small
       rectangle  in the upper right side of the window shows the color of the
       current player.

       The game ends when a player cannot make  a  move,  either  because  the
       board is full or because the position of the pieces makes it impossible
       to make a move.  At this point, the player with the most pieces on  the
       board  is the winner.  You will be offered the option of starting a new

       You may exit at any time by clicking the “Exit” button.

       -d, -display, --display display
              Display on display.

       -h, -help, --help
              Print a help message and exit.

              Play against another person at the same console.

       -ai {white, black}
              Tell the computer which side to play.  The default  behavior  is
              equivalent to -ai black.


       jester  uses the environment variable “DISPLAY” as the default display.
       This can be overridden on the command line.


       None known...


       Matt Grossman 〈