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       hrd - the puzzle game: HuaRongDao


       hrd [pattern]


       Run  the  RuaRongDao  game  with  the  "pattern" if one is given at the
       command line, otherwise run the game with the default pattern.  See the
       PATTERN section below for more information.

       HuaRongDao  is  an  ancient  Chinese  game.  The rules are very easy to
       understand, but the game is not so easy to solve.

       The aim of the game is to move pieces in order to free the largest  one
       from  the bottom side of the board, with as few steps as possible.  You
       may not make one piece jump  over  another,  nor  can  any  two  pieces
       overlap.  Continuously moving one piece is counted as a single step.


       The following commands are supported by this program.

       0-9    Mark the desired piece selected.  The peice is then moved by one
              or two direction letter: l for LEFT, r for RIGHT, u for UP, or d
              for  DOWN.  Normally  the  arrow  keys  can  also be used as the
              direction command.

       q      Quit the game.

       u      Undo one step.

       r      Redo one step.

       b      Save a bookmark.  A single letter is prompted  as  the  bookmark
              slot, valid bookmarks are a-z, A-Z, or 0-9.

       l      Load from a bookmark.  A bookmark slot is prompted.

       Ctrl-C can be used to cancel the current command.  ENTER can be used to
       reset the prompt and echo area.

       Ctrl-L can be used to redraw the screen.


       A pattern can be encoded as a  string.   Each  grid  of  the  board  is
       encoded as a letter.  Each row is followed by a dot.

       Q      To indicate a big square.

       L R    To  indicate  the  left  and the right of a horizontal rectangle

       T B    To indicate the top and  the  bottom  of  a  vertical  rectangle

       P      To indicate a small square.

       _      To indicate an empty grid.

       The dafault pattern can be encoded as TQQT.BQQB.TLRT.BPPB.P__P.


              The bookmark file.


       Usage of Ctrl-Z to suspend of this program is not supported (yet).


       This program was written by Qingning Huo <>.


       The  development  website  of this program is  Many
       thanks to