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       hex-a-hop - puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles


       Hex‐a‐hop  is  a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles. There is no time
       limit and no real‐time element.

       The objective is simply to destroy all the  green  hexagonal  tiles  on
       each of the 100 levels. As you progress through the game, more types of
       tiles are introduced which make things more difficult and  interesting.


       You  can  move  the character around with the keys Q,W,E,A,S,D, or with
       the numeric keypad. Alternatively, you can use the mouse and  click  on
       the tile you’d like to move to.

       Use  ’U’,  backspace  or  the right mouse button to undo mistakes.  The
       ’Esc’ key (or middle mouse button) brings up a menu from which you  can
       restart if you get stuck.

       Your  goal  is  to  break  all  the  green tiles. You mainly do this by
       jumping on them. They will crack  when  you  land  on  them,  and  only
       disintegrate when you jump off. Try not to trap yourself!

       During  the  game,  you will be given hints and instructions on what to
       do. Use the cursor keys or click on the arrows to  scroll  through  the
       help  pages. More pages will be added as you progress through the game,
       as new tiles will keep appearing.

       You can choose which level to attempt next from the map screen.  Silver
       levels  are  ones  you’ve  cleared.  Black  levels are ones you haven’t
       completed yet, but are available to play.

       There is no time limit and no real‐time element, so take as long as you


       You    can    find    more    about   the   game   on   its   homepage:

       In  Debian’s  version,  game  data   is   stored   in   the   directory
       $HOME/.hex-a-hop/.  If the environment variable $HOME is not set, it’ll
       use /tmp/ instead.


       The game has been written by Tom Beaumont, and is distributed under the
       GNU  General  Public  License,  either version 2 of the License, or (at
       your option) any later version.