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       gunroar - 360-degree gunboat shooter


       Guns, Guns, Guns!

       Steer a boat and sink enemy fleet!

       Gunroar  is an excellent shooter in which the game environment turns to
       be the sea and our spaceship an armed boat. The player moves around  in
       a  level  generated randomly, and containing enemy islands, turrets and
       enemy boats) and that never ends. Each  enemy  killed  increments  your
       points according to the time it took you to destroy it and its size.


       These command-line options are available:

       -brightness n
              Set the brightness of the screen. (n = 0 - 100, default = 100)

       -luminosity n
              Set the luminous intensity. (n = 0 - 100, default = 0)

       -res x y
              Set the screen resolution to (x, y). (default = 640, 480)

              Stop the sound.

              Launch the game in a window.

              Launch the game in fullscreen mode.

              Exchange a gun key and a lance key.

       -turnspeed n
              Adjust  the  turning speed. (n = 0 - 500, default = 100) (NORMAL

              Fire to the rear of the ship. (NORMAL mode)

       -rotatestick2 n
              Rotate the direction of the stick2 in n  degrees.  (TWIN  STICK,
              DOUBLE PLAY mode)

              Reverse  the  direction  of the stick2. (TWIN STICK, DOUBLE PLAY

              Use the input of axis 5 to  fire  shots.  (for  Xbox  360  wired
              controller) (TWIN STICK, DOUBLE PLAY mode)


       You  can  select a game mode by pressing up/down keys or a lance key at
       the title screen. (NORMAL / TWIN STICK / DOUBLE PLAY / REPLAY)

       Controls (NORMAL mode):

       Move   Arrow / Num / [WASD] / [IJKL] / Stick

       Fire guns / Hold direction
              [Z][L-Ctrl][R-Ctrl][.] / Trigger 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12

              Hold a key to open automatic fire and hold the  direction  of  a
              boat. Tap a key to take a turn while firing.

       Fire lance
              [X][L-Alt][R-Alt][L-Shift][R-Shift][/][Return]  /  Trigger 2, 3,
              6, 7, 10, 11

              Lance is a single-shot weapon. You have to tap a key to  fire  a
              next  lance.  You can’t fire a next lance while a first lance is
              in a screen.

       Controls (TWIN STICK mode):

       It is strongly recommended to use twin analog sticks.

       Move   [WASD] / Stick1 (Axis 1, 2)

       Fire guns
              [IJKL] / Stick2 (Axis 3 or 5, 4)

              You can control the concentration of guns by the  analog  stick.
              (If  you  have  a  problem with the direction of the stick2, try
              ’-rotatestick2’    and    ’-reversestick2’     options.     e.g.
              ’-rotatestick2  -90  -reversestick2’) (If you are using Xbox 360
              wired controller, use ’-enableaxis5’ option.)

       Controls (DOUBLE PLAY mode):

       Control two boats at a time.

       Move boat1
               [WASD] / Stick1 (Axis 1, 2)

       Move boat2
               [IJKL] / Stick2 (Axis 3 or 5, 4)

       Controls (MOUSE mode):

       Steer a ship with a keyboard or a pad,  and  control  a  sight  with  a

       Move   Arrow / Num / [WASD] / [IJKL] / Stick

       Control sight

       Fire guns (narrow)
              Mouse left button

       Fire guns (wide)
              Mouse right button

       Controls(In every mode):

       Pause  [P]

       Quit a game / Back to title

       Rank multiplier:

       Rank  multiplier  (displayed  in the upper right) is a bonus multiplier
       that increases with a difficulty of a game. You  can  increase  a  rank
       multiplier faster by going forward faster.

       Boss appearance timer:

       Boss appearance timer (displayed in the upper left) is a remaining time
       before a boss ship appears.


       You   can   find   more   about   the    game    on    its    homepage:


       Gunroar has been written by Kenta Cho <>