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       gravitywars - clone of Gravity Force


       gravitywars [level-code]


       gravitywars  is a clone of Gravity Force, one of the greatest games for
       the Amiga. This version is a  little  different,  with  a  much  higher
       resolution,  and  better graphics.  It also includes  some new features
       like water, exploding doors, bonus objects, fans (ie. wind),  and  some
       other special effects like exploding bullets, and splashing water.


       Left, Right
              rotate the ship counterclockwise or clockwise

       Up     accelerate the ship

       Ctrl   fire the weapon

       f      toggle fullscreen mode

       Esc    exit the game


              You’ll receive this code after you complete a level, and can use
              it to warp directly to that level  when  the  game  starts.   -j
              Calibrate  joystick.  Use this option to calibrate the joystick.


       gravitywars was written by Sami Niemi <>.

       This manual page was written by Joey Hess,  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux
       system, with updates from Sam Hocevar <>.