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       gpsusi - GPSShogi for the USI protocol


              test search performance

              test search performance

       --benchmark-more arg (=0)
              number of problems for benchmark

       --benchmark-seconds arg (=30)
              seconds for benchmark

              profile mode (run in 1 thread even when OSL_SMP is defined)

       --read-from-file arg
              input for debug

       --book-width arg (=10)
              relative width of book

       --book-width-root arg (=16)
              relative width of book at the initial position

       -N [ --num-cpus ] arg (=-1)
              num cpus for parallel search

       --use-log-linear-probability arg (=0) alternative configuration for
              realization probability search (experimental)

       -h [ --help ]
              produce help message

              show version info


       Copyright (C) 2003-2009 Team GPS, the University of Tokyo.