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       gnome-chess - graphical user interface for playing chess


       gnome-chess [OPTIONS...]


       gnome-chess is a graphical GNOME frontend for playing chess against the
       computer or via the Internet. It is also a viable PGN file  viewer.  To
       play  against  the computer, you need an external chess engine, such as
       GNU Chess, Crafty, or Phalanx.


       Apart from the standard GNOME options gnome-chess accepts the following

              Prints  the  currently  installed  version of gnome-chess to the
              standard output.

       --help Prints a usage summary.  --debug=LEVEL  Enables  some  debugging
              functions, depending on LEVEL.

              This  option  chooses the preferred chess program that will play
              the computer opponent. If this option is not  specified,  gnome-
              chess will choose one.

       --ics  If this option is specified, gnome-chess will start in ICS mode,
              meaning that it will connect to an Internet Chess Server.

              Chooses the ICS server to use.

              Sets the user name to use on ICS servers.

              Sets the password to use on ICS servers.

              Chooses the ICS server’s port number to connect to.

              Chooses the telnet program to use to connect to an  ICS  server.
              This defaults to the standard telnet program.


       gnuchess(6), phalanx(6), telnet(1)



       Copyright ©  1998-2001 Robert Wilhelm and JP Rosevear

       This  manual page was written by Sebastian Rittau for Debian GNU/Linux.