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       ggzduedit - User management tool for the GGZ Gaming Zone server


       ggzduedit [OPTION...]


       The  tool  ggzduedit, which is an abbreviation of User Editor, provides
       access to the database of the GGZ server, ggzd.  It can be used to view
       the  list  of  currently  registered  users, as well as add new ones or
       delete some registrations.  The options  allow  to  pass  the  database
       connection  options  or file locations to ggzduedit, for example in the
       presence of multiple instances of the  server.   Usually  however,  the
       server  database configuration can be read in by the tool from the file
       ggzd.conf, so no command line options are required.


       -d, --datadir=DATADIR
              The data directory where the local database  files  is  located.
              This options is used for ggzd installations which are configured
              to use libdb (2/3/4) or sqlite as their database backend.

       -D, --dbname=DBNAME
              Name of the database.  This option is for SQL database backends.

       -H, --host=HOST
              Name  of  the  host the database server runs on.  This option is
              for SQL database backends.

       -u, --username=USERNAME
              Username which is used for the connection.  This option  is  for
              SQL database backends.

       -p, --password=[PASSWORD]
              Password  corresponding  to the user. It is strongly recommended
              to  leave  out   PASSWORD   and   let   ggzduedit   request   it
              interactively.  This option is for SQL database backends.

       -h, --help
              Display command line option help and exit.

       -v, --version
              Display the version number of the utility.


       /var/ggzd/player.db - player registry

       /etc/ggzd/ggzd.conf - ggzd SQL database server configuration


       The GGZ Development Team <>


       ggzd(6), ggz(7)