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       ggz-txt - Console-based core client for the GGZ Gaming Zone


       ggz-txt [OPTIONS...] [URI]


       This  program  allows  one  to  use  the  GGZ without having a graphics
       facility like the X11 window system.  It provides all the functionality
       which  is  needed  to  chat,  change rooms, view the message of the day
       (MOTD), and so on, and even supports games depending on where it  runs.

       When  starting  ggz-txt, simply type "/connect", optionally followed by
       the server host name if not running at localhost.   Alternatively,  the
       connection  URI  can  be given as a command line argument in the format
       ggz://user@host:port or a variant thereof, even simply host.

       You can always type "/help" to get a list of  all  available  commands.
       If  support  for  readline  has been compiled in, the arrow keys can be
       used  to  navigate  through  former  commands.    Some   commands   can
       automatically be executed on program launch, allowing sequences such as
       identifying and changing rooms automatically.

       Further information is available in the Manual for  ggz-txt,  which  is
       contained in the ggz-docs package.


       -v, --version
              Display program version.

       -r, --reverse
              Start  with  alternative color scheme for reverse displays (like

       -h, --help
              Display some information.


       ~/.ggz/ggz-txt.startup - startup command sequence


       The GGZ Development Team <>