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       genlab - an iMaze labyrinth generator


       genlab    [ -Sv ]    [ -w width ]   [ -h height ]   [ -d wall-density ]
              [ -D door-density ] [ -r random-seed ] lab-file


       genlab generates a file with a random labyrinth  for  the  multi-player
       network action game imaze(6).


       -d wall-density
              Specify density of walls in labyrinth; default is 38.

       -D door-density
              Specify probability of each wall being a door; default is 5.

       -h height
              Specify height of labyrinth; default is 16.

       -r random-seed
              Seed  value  for the random number generator; default is derived
              from the current time of day.

       -S     Don’t search for a labyrinth without "traps".

       -v     Verbose mode: tell the user which seed is tried.

       -w width
              Specify width of labyrinth; default is 16.


       A simple example for a random labyrinth:

              genlab test.lab

       creates a labyrinth test.lab with size 16x16.

       An example how to create a empty labyrinth for xlabed(6):

              genlab -w 12 -h 12 -d 0 empty.lab

       creates a labyrinth empty.lab with size 12x12


       imaze(6), imazesrv(6), imazestat(6), ninja(6), xlabed(6)


       genlab is slower than necessary.

                               10 December 2001