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       fceux - An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo game console.


       fceux [options] "filename"


       FCE   Ultra   is   an   emulator  for  the  original  (8-bit)  Nintendo
       Entertainment System (NES).  It has a robust  color  palette  rendering
       engine  that  is  fully  customizable,  along  with excellent sound and
       joystick support, and even supports movie recording and playback.


       These are some of the more frequently used options in FCE  Ultra.   Run
       fceux  without any options for a larger list, or see the README for the
       full list.

       --fullscreen {0|1}
              Toggle full-screen mode.

       --xres <res>
              Set the Horizontal resolution for full-screen mode.

       --yres <res>
              Set the Vertical resolution for full-screen mode.

       --autoscale {0|1}
              Toggle autoscaling for fullscreen.

       --gamegenie {0|1}
              Enable Game Genie emulation support.

       --palette <file>
              Use the custom palette in <file>.

       --volume <percentge>
              Sets the sound volume to the given percentage.

       --soundrate <rate>
              Set the sound playback sample rate (0 == off).

              FCE  Ultra  has  a  number  of  commands  available  within  the
              emulator.   It  also  includes  default  keyboard  bindings when
              emulating game pads or power pads.

   Gamepad Keyboard Bindings
                              |NES Gamepad | Keyboard |
                              |   Up       |    W     |
                              |   Down     |    S     |
                              |   Left     |    A     |
                              |   Right    |    D     |
                              |     A      |    J     |
                              |     B      |    K     |
                              |  Select    |   TAB    |
                              |   Start    |  ENTER   |
   Other Commands
       <Alt+Enter>    Toggle full-screen mode.

       <F1>           Activate cheat interface.

       <F3>           Load LUA script.

       <F5>           Save game state into  current  slot  (set  using  number

       <F7>           Restore  game  state from current slot (set using number

       Shift+<F5>     Beging recording video.

       Shift+<F7>     Load recorded video.

       <F9>           Reset NES.

       <F12>          Save screen snapshot.

       <ESC>          Quit FCE Ultra.
                      The FCE Ultra project homepage.


       This manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <joe _at_>, and
       Lukas  Sabota  <ltsmooth42  _at_>  for  the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                                August 10, 2008