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       fceu - An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo game console.


       fceu [options] "filename"


       FCE   Ultra   is   an   emulator  for  the  original  (8-bit)  Nintendo
       Entertainment System (NES).  It has a robust  color  palette  rendering
       engine  that  is  fully  customizable,  along  with excellent sound and
       joystick support, and even includes TCP/IP based  network  playing  for
       head-to-head gaming with your friends!


       These  are  some of the more frequently used options in FCE Ultra.  Run
       fceu without any options for a larger list, or see the README  for  the
       full list.

       -fs {0|1}
              Toggle full-screen mode.

       -xres <res>
              Set the Horizontal resolution for full-screen mode.

       -yres <res>
              Set the Vertical resolution for full-screen mode.

       -gg    Enable Game Genie emulation support.

       -cpalette <file>
              Use the custom palette in <file>.

       -soundvol <percentge>
              Sets the sound volume to the given percentage.

       -sound <rate>
              Set the sound playback sample rate (0 == off).

       -connect <server>
              Connect  as  a  client (player 2) to <server> for TCP/IP network

              Be a host server (player 1) for a TCP/IP network game.

       -netport <portnum>
              Use <portnum> for TCP/IP network play.  Default is 4046.


       FCE Ultra has a number of commands available within the  emulator.   It
       also provides keyboard bindings for emulating gamepads or powerpads.

   Gamepad Keyboard Bindings
                            |NES Gamepad |   Keyboard    |
                            |  Arrows    | Cursor Arrows |
                            |     A      |   Left ALT    |
                            |     B      |   Left CTRL   |
                            |  Select    |      TAB      |
                            |   Start    |     ENTER     |
   Other Commands
       <F2>           Activate cheat interface.

       <F4>           Toggle full-screen mode.

       <F5>           Save  game  state  into  current  slot (set using number

       <F7>           Restore game state from current slot (set  using  number

       <F9>           Save screen snapshot.

       <F10>          Reset NES.

       <F11>          Toggle power to NES.

       <F12>, <ESC>   Quit FCE Ultra.


       /usr/share/doc/fceu/fceultra.html The FCE Ultra README file.
              The FCE Ultra project homepage.


       This  manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               October 10, 2004