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       enigma - Puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd


       enigma [options] [levelfile.xml] ...
       enigma  [--assert]  [-d  path]  [--help]  [-l  lang] [--log] [--nograb]
       [--nomusic]  [--nosound]  [-p  file]   [--showfps]   [--version]   [-w]
       [levelfile.xml] ...


       The  object  of  the  game  is to find and uncover pairs of identically
       colored Oxyd stones. Simple? Yes. Easy? Certainly not!   Hidden  traps,
       vast  mazes,  laser  beams,  and,  most of all, countless hairy puzzles
       usually block your direct  way  to  the  Oxyd  stones.   Enigma’s  game
       objects  (and  there are hundreds of them, lest you get bored) interact
       in many unexpected ways, and since many of  them  follow  the  laws  of
       physics  (Enigma’s  special laws of physics, that is), controlling them
       with the mouse isn’t always trivial ...

       For more information,  please  refer  to  the  manual  or  the  project
       homepage: <>!


              Forces  all  debugging  assertions,  even  expensive ones, to be

       -d path, --data=path
              Prepend another data directory to Enigma’s search path.

       -h, --help
              Display a list of available command line options and quit.

       -l lang, --lang=lang
              Override the default language. The  language  is  given  in  the
              common  2 character sequence as fr for French or ru for Russian.

       --log  This switch turns on logging  of  internal  information  to  the
              standard output.

              Do not use exclusive mouse/keyboard access.

              Start  Enigma without background music. Sound effects will still
              be played.

              Start Enigma without sound effects.

       -p file, --pref=file
              Start Enigma with an alternative preferences  file  without  the
              leading dot for hidden filenames.

              Show the framerate (FPS) during the Game.

              Print the Enigma version number and quit.

       -w, --window
              Run Enigma in a window; do not switch to fullscreen mode.


       For the many in-game control keys take a look at the manual or press F1
       to get online help in nearly all menus.


       Daniel Heck <> is the main author and maintainer of Enigma.
       Enigma  itself  is  based  on Oxyd, created by Meinolf Schneider.  This
       manual page was created by Joe Wreschnig <> and  is
       currently maintained by Raoul Bourquin.


       Please report bugs to <>.