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       deal - bridge hand generator


       deal [ -ltv ] [ -e expr ] [ -i condition file ] [ -I format ] [ -s seed
       ] [ -[NSEW] hand-spec ] [ count ]


       deal is a program to generate bridge hands.


       -l     Write deals in a "single-line" format.

       -t     Print distribution table and exit.  The distribution table is an
              ordered list of all possible hand patterns for a single hand.

       -v     Be verbose, print sample count.

       -e expr
              Evaluate the Tcl expression expr.

       -i condition file
              File  that  defines  the  hand  type  to  generate or the output
              format.  (Can be given multiple times.)

       -I format
              Read hands from stdin.  Formats available are:  ddline,  giblib,
              line,  pbn, smartstack.  You might deal, say, 10,000 hands which
              satisfy specific criteria, saving them to a file.  Then you  can
              use  that  output for input with deal -I to find out which hands
              satisfy other constraints.

       -s seed
              Initialize random generator with seed.

       -[NSEW] hand-spec
              Specifies the cards held by the specified  hand.  The  hand-spec
              should  be  of  the  form:  "AK8532  -  KQ72 A65". Voids must be
              represented with a  ’-’  character.   hand-spec  should  be  one
              argument, so the string should be quoted on the command line.

       count  Number of hands to generate, default is 10.


       /usr/share/doc/deal/html, /usr/share/deal.


       deal was written by Thomas Andrews <>.

       This  manual  page was written by Christoph Berg <>, for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                January 1, 2005