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       CrossFire - a multiplayer adventure and arcade game server


       crossfire-server [-<options>]


       CrossFire  is  a multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game, which
       has certain  flavours  from  other  games,  especially  Gauntlet  (TM),
       NetHack,  Moria, Angband, and Ragnarok.  Any number of players can move
       around in their own  window,  finding  and  using  items  and  battling
       monsters.  They can choose to cooperate or compete in the same world.

       CrossFire  runs as a client/server model. You will also need one of the
       clients to play. With them you can either connect to a  server  someone
       else  has  set  up,  or run your own server and connect to that. At now
       clients exit for the X-Windows, GTK, Java, and Windows NT  environment.


       -csport <port number>
              Specifies  the port to that should be used for the client/server

       -d     Turns on some debugging.

       +d     Turns off debugging. Useful if  DEBUG  was  defined  at  compile

              This will run the server as a demon.

       -h     Prints out a list of server options.

       -log <file>
              Specifies a file to send output to.  Only has meaning if -detach
              is specified.

       -mon   Turns on monster-debugging.

       -o     Prints out info on what was defined at compile time.

       -s     Displays the highscore list.

       -score <name | class>
              Displays all highscores with matching name or class.

       -v     Prints out version and contributors.

       The following options are only available if DUMP_SWITCHES  was  defined
       at compile time. You can only use one of them without any other option.

       -m     Dumps out suggested experience for all monsters.

       -m2    Dumps out abilities.

       -m3    Dumps out artifact information.

       -m4    Dumps out spell information.

       -m5    Dumps out skill information.

       -m6    Dumps out race information.

       -m7    Dumps out alchemy information.

       -m8    Dumps out gods information.

       -m9    Dumps out more alchemy information.

       -mt <name>
              Dumps out a list of treasures for a monster.




       Please read the REPORTING BUGS section in README.


        (C) 1994 Mark Wedel (
        (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen (

                                  Feb 04 2004                     crossfire(6)