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       conqstrat — modify Robot strategy tables


       conqstrat [-v]  [-d]  [-U]  [-o file]


       This manual page documents briefly the conqstrat command.

       conqstrat  is  a  utility  which reads rules from stdin to update Robot
       strategy tables.  It’s normal use is to update the  common  block  (the
       game’s  current ’state’) with a ’compiled’ robot AI state, defined by a
       file such as conqrule.

       If you want to modify the robot’s AI, you can do so and  use  conqstrat
       to  either  update  the  common  block  (running  game) with the new AI
       directly, or generate a conqdata.h  file  that  can  be  compiled  into
       Conquest and used as the default when the universe is initialized.


       -v        Be verbose about everything.

       -d        Turn on lots of debugging.

       -U        Update  the  common  block directly.  This is the most common
                 use for non‐conquest  developers.   NOTE:  If  you  then  use
                 conqoper to initialize the common block, your AI will be lost
                 and replaced with the compiled‐in default, so you  will  need
                 to re‐run this command to re‐install your own AI again.

       -o file   Output  to  file.   Without  this  option,  output will go to
                 stdout.  The normal use of  this  option  is  to  generate  a
                 header   file   that   is  compiled  directly  into  conquest


       conquest (6), conqai (6), conqoper (6).

       See the conqrule and  conqrule.easy  files  for  two  robot  strategies
       supplied    in    the   conquest   distribution,   and   installed   in
       <install_prefix>/share/doc/conquest/.   conqrule  is  the  original  AI
       (with   minor   fixes)   supplied  in  the  original  VAX/VMS  conquest
       distribution.  It is  also  the  default  AI  compiled  into  Conquest.
       conqrule.easy  is  an AI that is a bit easier on new players :) You can
       install it in an initialized game with conqstrat -U <conqrule.easy.


       Jon Trulson <>

       This   manual   page   was   originally   written   by   Clint    Adams
       <>  for the Debian system (but may be used by others).
       Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify  this  document
       under the terms of the GNU GPL. Conquest is