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       balazar3 - dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support


       balazar3 [--2d|--3d]


       This manual page documents briefly the balazar3 command.

       Balazar  III is a dungeon adventure game featuring multiplayer support.
       It comes in two flavors: a 3D flavor using OpenGL and Soya engine and a
       2D flavor for hand-held devices or slower computers.


       Without  any argument, the last launched flavor will be run. Otherwise,
       you need to specify one of those switches:

       --3d   Launch the 3D version of Balazar III

       --2d   Launch the 2D version of Balazar III


       Balazar III was written by Jean-Baptiste Lamy.

       This manual page was written by Vincent Bernat <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  28 sep 2008