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       Shisen - puzzle game for GNUstep


       Shisen  This  manual  page  documents briefly the Shisen command.  This
       manual page  was  written  for  the  Debian  distribution  because  the
       original  program  does  not  have  a  manual  page.   Instead,  it has
       documentation in the GNU Info format; see below.

       In Shisen the object is to remove all tiles from the  field.  Only  two
       matching  tiles can be removed at a time. Two tiles can only be removed
       if they can be connected with at most three connected lines. Lines  can
       be  horizontal  or  vertical  but not diagonal. Remember that lines may
       cross the empty border. If you are stuck, you can use the Hint  feature
       to find two tiles which may be removed.




       This  manual page was written by Gürkan Sengün <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                              September 25, 2004