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       gnutls_ia_set_client_avp_function - Used to set a AVP callback


       #include <gnutls/extra.h>

       void   gnutls_ia_set_client_avp_function(gnutls_ia_client_credentials_t
       cred, gnutls_ia_avp_func avp_func);


       gnutls_ia_client_credentials_t cred
                   is a gnutls_ia_client_credentials_t structure.

       gnutls_ia_avp_func avp_func
                   is the callback function


       Set the TLS/IA AVP callback handler used for the session.

       The AVP callback is called to process AVPs received  from  the  server,
       and to get a new AVP to send to the server.

       The  callback’s  function  form  is:  int (*avp_func) (gnutls_session_t
       session, void *ptr, const char  *last,  size_t  lastlen,  char  **next,
       size_t *nextlen);

       The  session  parameter is the gnutls_session_t structure corresponding
       to the current session.  The ptr  parameter  is  the  application  hook
       pointer,  set through gnutls_ia_set_client_avp_ptr().  The AVP received
       from the server is present in last of lastlen size, which will be  NULL
       on the first invocation.  The newly allocated output AVP to send to the
       server should be placed in *next of *nextlen size.

       The callback may invoke  gnutls_ia_permute_inner_secret()  to  mix  any
       generated session keys with the TLS/IA inner secret.

       Return  0  (GNUTLS_IA_APPLICATION_PAYLOAD)  on  success,  or a negative
       error code to abort the TLS/IA handshake.

       Note that the callback must  use  allocate  the  next  parameter  using
       gnutls_malloc(), because it is released via gnutls_free() by the TLS/IA
       handshake function.


       Report   bugs   to    <>.     GnuTLS    home    page:  General  help  using GNU software:


       Copyright © 2008 Free Software Foundation.
       Copying and distribution of this file, with  or  without  modification,
       are  permitted  in  any  medium  without royalty provided the copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved.


       The full documentation for gnutls is maintained as  a  Texinfo  manual.
       If  the  info  and gnutls programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

              info gnutls

       should give you access to the complete manual.