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       globus_gram_client_job_info_s -

       Extensible job information structure.


   Data Fields
       globus_hashtable_t extensions
       char * job_contact
       int job_state
       int protocol_error_code

Detailed Description

       Extensible job information structure.

       The globus_gram_client_job_info_t data type is used to pass protocol
       extensions along with the standard job status information included in
       the GRAM2 protocol. This structure contains the information returned in
       job state callbacks plus a hash table of extension entries that contain
       globus_gram_protocol_extension_t name-value pairs.

Field Documentation

   globus_hashtable_t globus_gram_client_job_info_s::extensions
       Table of extension values.

   char* globus_gram_client_job_info_s::job_contact
       GRAM Job Contact String.

   int globus_gram_client_job_info_s::job_state
       GRAM Job State.

   int globus_gram_client_job_info_s::protocol_error_code
       GRAM Error Code.


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