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       Globus Error API -

       Intended use:

       Globus Errno Error API
       Globus Generic Error API

Detailed Description

       Intended use:

       If a function needs to return an error it should do the following:

       · External errors, such as error returns from system calls and GSSAPI
         errors, should be wrapped using the appropriate error type.

       · The wrapped external error should then be passed as the cause of a
         globus error.

       · External error types are expected to provide a utility function to
         combine the above two steps.

       · The globus error should then be returned from the function.

       Notes on how to generate globus errors:

       · Module specific error types should be greater or equal to 1024 (to
         leave some space for global error types).

       · You may wish to generate a mapping from error types to format strings
         for use in short descriptions.

       · You may also wish to generate a common prefix for all of the above
         fromat strings. The suggested prefix is ’Function: %s Line:
            %s ’.


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