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       giiPanic - Exit LibGII programs for fatal errors


       #include <ggi/gii.h>

       int giiPanic(const char * format, ...);


       ggiPanic(3)  shuts  down  the  application,  closing  all  inputs, with
       printf(3)-style reporting to stderr, taking a  format  string  and  any
       additional variables.

       giiPanic  should  only  be  used by usermode programs when something is
       really screwed, and they do not know what to do. The same  applies  for
       libraries,  but  might be used in rare situations such as corruption of
       critical data structures.


       An unrecoverable error:

       if (my_important_struct->magic != MAGIC) {
         giiPanic("Fatal error: magic corrupted\n");