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       ggiWaitRayPos - Wait for the raster to reach a point


       #include <ggi/misc.h>

       int ggiWaitRayPos(ggi_visual_t src, int32_t* x, int32_t* y);


       ggiWaitRayPos  will  wait,  as  best supported by the target, until the
       raster  reaches  a  certain  point  on  the  screen.   Actual   integer
       coordinates  don’t mean anything under current implementations, and the
       units the coordinates are provided  in  haven’t  been  firmly  decided.
       Instead,  use  one  of  the  following  macros: GGI_RP_BORDER means the
       raster is in the border of the screen; GGI_RP_BLANK means the raster is
       past  the  border  and  is  turned off; GGI_RP_SYNC means the raster is
       retracing to the top of the screen;  GGI_RP_DONTCARE  means  you  don’t
       care where the raster is in this direction.


       0  for  OK, otherwise an ggi-error(3) code.  In the event that there is
       an error, it is most likely that the implementation on the given target
       is  limited.  In this case, the parameters x, y will be assigned values
       equal to one of the above macros, which  should  work  on  the  target,
       supposing using those values actually accomplishes what you want to do.