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       ggiSetTextMode, ggiSetGraphMode, ggiSetSimpleMode - Set a specific type
       of mode on a visual [DEPRECATED]


       #include <ggi/ggi.h>

       int ggiSetTextMode(ggi_visual_t visual, int cols, int rows,
                          int vcols, int vrows, int fontx, int fonty,
                          ggi_graphtype type);

       int ggiSetGraphMode(ggi_visual_t visual, int x, int y,
                           int xv, int yv, ggi_graphtype type);

       int ggiSetSimpleMode(ggi_visual_t visual, int xsize, int ysize,
                            int frames, ggi_graphtype type);


              Important: These functions are DEPRECATED  and  may  be  removed
              from a future version of GGI.
       ggiSetTextMode,  ggiSetGraphMode  and  ggiSetSimpleMode  are convenient
       versions of ggiSetMode(3) that take  the  mode  parameters  as  integer
       arguments  rather than as a ggi_mode(3) struct that the application has
       to  fill  out.   Otherwise,  they  are   functionally   equivalent   to
       ggiSetMode(3)  function,  and  the  same  mode-setting semantics apply,
       except the changed ggi_mode(3) cannot be seen.


       The functions return 0 if the mode is set  successfully,  otherwise  an
       ggi-error(3) code.


       Do  not  set  a  mode  before  checking it. You may be able to set up a
       certain mode on one target, but not other targets.

       See the example in ggiCheckMode(3).


       ggiCheckMode(3), ggiGetMode(3), ggiOpen(3), ggiSetMode(3), ggi_mode(3)