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       gg-types - Portable types defined by libGG


       #include <ggi/gg.h>


       LibGG  defines  a  few  portable  types  used  by  other GGI libraries.
       Application writers may use these  types  to  avoid  having  to  handle
       os/platform specific types directly.

       The following types are defined:

       ·   sint8: 8 bits signed integer

       ·   uint8: 8 bits unsigned integer

       ·   sint16

       ·   uint16

       ·   sint32

       ·   uint32

       ·   sint64

       ·   uint64

       ·   ggi_sint: native signed integer

       ·   ggi_uint: native unsigned integer


       These  types  are  now  obsoleted by C99 types, and support for them is
       provided for backward compatibility only.