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       evs_join - Joins one or more groups in the EVS library


       #include <openais/evs.h>

       int    evs_membership_get(evs_handle_t   handle,   struct   evs_address
       *local_addr,      struct      evs_address       *member_list,       int


       The  evs_membership_get  function  is  used  to  determine  the current
       processors  in  the  configuration  and  also   the   local   processor
       identifier.    The  argument  handle  is  used  to  reference  the  evs
       instantiation.  The argument local_addr will return the  local  address
       of  the  processor.   The  argument member_list will return the list of
       processors in the current membership.  The argument member_list_entries
       should  be set with the size of member_list and will return the size of
       the member_list after return from the function.


       The errors are undocumented.


       evs_overview(8),  evs_initialize(3),  evs_finalize(3),   evs_fd_get(3),
       evs_dispatch(3),           evs_leave(3),           evs_mcast_joined(3),
       evs_mcast_groups(3), evs_mmembership_get(3)