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       empbuilderlib - Common functions for Emdebian chroots


       empbuilderlib is intended solely for use on the build machine. Do not
       use these functions in second_stage_install !  empbuilderlib requires

       empbuilderlib is a shell library which requires perl and pbuilder
       (which means bash!).  empbuilderlib draws in POSIX shell functions from
       emrootfslib to be able to call in functions from first_stage_install
       within debootstrap. The only reasons to continue putting new functions
       in here are if:

        1. The functions are only useful to create cross-building chroots OR

        2. the functions need to call pbuilder code directly and are not
           necessary within first_stage_install.

       There should be no need to call pbuilder code within scripts that
       generate a root filesystem.


       Same as the pbuilder option but run by default in empdebuild to remove
       obsolete .deb archives from the apt cache directories used by


       Copy hosts, hostname and resolv.conf from the system /etc/ directory
       and adapts /etc/hostname to use a different name (emdebian-$ARCH).


       Modified version of the equivalent function in pbuilder-modules to
       extract the compressed chroot (used by empdebuild).


       empbuilderlib was written by Neil Williams

       This manual page was written by Neil Williams


       See also apt-cross (1), dpkg-cross (1), emdebian-tools (1), emrootfslib