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       dpns_utime - set last access and modification times


       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include "dpns_api.h"

       int dpns_utime (const char *path, struct utimbuf *times)


       dpns_utime sets last access and modification times.

       path   specifies  the  logical  pathname  relative  to the current DPNS
              directory or the full DPNS pathname.

       If times is NULL, the access and modification  times  are  set  to  the
       current  time else they are set to the utimbuf structure member values.
       ctime is set to current time.


       This routine returns 0 if the operation was successful  or  -1  if  the
       operation failed. In the latter case, serrno is set appropriately.


       EPERM        times  is  not  NULL and the caller effective user ID does
                    not match the owner ID of the file and the caller does not
                    have ADMIN privilege in the Cupv database.

       ENOENT       A  component  of  path  prefix does not exist or path is a
                    null pathname.

       EACCES       Search permission is denied on a  component  of  the  path
                    prefix  or the caller effective user ID does not match the
                    owner ID of the file  or  write  permission  on  the  file
                    itself is denied and times is NULL.

       EFAULT       path is a  NULL pointer.

       ENOTDIR      A component of path prefix is not a directory.

       ENAMETOOLONG The  length of path exceeds CA_MAXPATHLEN or the length of
                    a path component exceeds CA_MAXNAMELEN.

       SENOSHOST    Host unknown.

       SENOSSERV    Service unknown.

       SECOMERR     Communication error.

       ENSNACT      Name server is not running or is being shutdown.


       Castor_limits(4),      dpns_chdir(3),      dpns_stat(3), dpns_statg(3),


       LCG Grid Deployment Team